Click on our Amazon Wishlist link

This is the Spanish Amazon site so items will be shipped directly to us. Don’t be put off by the Spanish language. Many browsers auto translate from Spanish to English so placing an order is easy! Sign into your own Amazon account to order. The shipping address comes up automatically.



  1. If you have an Amazon account, Log in. If not, you can register then.
  2. From our list, choose the item or items you want to donate, the amount, and add to basket
  3. Once you’re done, Proceed to Check Out
  4. Select a Delivery Address (this should be Mari-Carmen Cobo, Sant Joan de les Abadesses,Girona, which is the Wishlist Address)
  5. Now you will be able to leave a personalised message for every item on your basket if you want. Click on “Guardar opciones de regalo”
  6. Now you will go to Payment options.
  7. You will get the option to check that the order is okay.


If you don’t get to see the items on the list, on the top left corner, you have the “Deliver to…” option. You can change it to another country so that you can see everything. That would be SPAIN.